LIFT Weekly Update

All about the Student Ministries at First Baptist Covington

Hey, everybody!

If you missed the Compassion Experience last night, you really missed a truly eye-opening experience! The special walk-through experience is still open today until 6:40pm, so try to get there with your family if you can.

Prayer Breakfast is on as usual tomorrow with delicious seasonal pancakes! 7am or 8am! Remember, there is NO PRAYER BREAKFAST NEXT WEEK.

Join us Wednesday for LIFT as we worship, fellowship, compete for some candy, and start a continue our new message series called Squad Goals! Check out last week's message and follow-up questions below! Be there ready to grow 6-7:30pm! Remember, there is NO LIFT NEXT WEEK because of Fall Break.

Then, Sunday we've got our awesome Sunday School classes, which just started the new Gospel Project Chronological Curriculum, which now matches up with the children's studies, but goes much deeper.

There is also NO LIFELINE THIS SUNDAY because of Fall Break.

Finally, registration for our High School Ski Trip is open HERE! We'll head up to Winterplace to ski and celebrate New Years, Dec. 30-Jan. 2! The cost will be about $240.

The Wednesday Night Supper Schedule that you signed up for is below. Let me know if you'd like to fill in one of the gaps!


October 28 - LIFT Bonfire Night

December 9th - LIFT Student Testimony Night

December 16th - LIFT Christmas Party

December 30th - January 2nd - High School Ski Trip

Last Week's Message from LIFT

Squad Goals 1

Follow-Up Questions

· How is God glorified by us having good friendships?

· Do you feel like you have a friend that sharpens you “as iron sharpens iron?”

· How have you seen the character qualities of Jesus reflected in your friendships?

· How can you display Christ’s love to your friends?

· How can you sacrifice for your friends?

· How can you show your loyalty to your friends?