West reigion

By: Kelsie


Computers and electronics are vary important in the west so is fishing. work is vary hard in the west there is lot of stuff they need to do.fishing mite be easy for us but vary hard for them.


The west is very hot but sometimes things can git out of hand.Sometimes it can git vary cold.Alaska is very cold during February the avenge tempter is 11-Fahrenheit.Yes it can git very cold I can tell you one thin I don't want to go ther in February.

Land forms

Thar are lot's of caves and volcano's around in Washington .Hawaii has almost 132 volcanic island .And on the edge of Nevada and California is the montens of mont witny


A lot of stuff is grown in the west .pineapple is grown in Hawaii potato,chary and apples all those are grown in Washington.Actually apples are one of the many fruits that are famous in Washington.


A lot of stuff is fond when mining.The west mine for silver,lead,zinc,copper and..........Gold!!!!!gold was a big deal back then gold was first discovered when someone was building a wind mill and saw something shiny in the water he picked it up and talked his friend abort it and said that never tell but some how it got out every buddy started to look every ware