My Sisters Keeper

Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About The Novel...

Anna is the only girl who can save her sister because she has the same bone narrow match as her sister Kate, who has leukemia. Kate wants to die but her sister is willing to give her the bone marrow to keep her alive, but Kate told Anna to tell her parents she doesn't want to give the bone marrow to her, as an excuse. Her parents didnt agree cause they didn't want Kate to die, so Anna decides to get a lawyer, and takes her parents to court.


Kate was a girl with leukemia cancer. She has a sister named Anna, a brother, her two parents, and also her boyfriend. there is also the lawyer, and a guy that helps defends Anna, when Anna does not want to give her sister bone marrow anymore.

Connection #1

In the stories My Sisters Keeper and Pyramus and Thisbe there similar because both Kate and Thisbe lose someone that is very important to them. In my sisters keeper Kate loses her boyfriend to cancer and also Kate dies herself. In Pyramus and Thisbe, Pyramus thought thisbe was dead and so he killed himself, since Thisbe was alive and saw pyramus dead she decided to kill herself.

Connection #2

Another connection is in My Sisters Keeper and Pyramus and Thisbe. In both of the stories there is both something getting in between there love. In Pyramus and Thisbe there was a wall to separate them and in my sisters keeper Anna's cancer is coming in between there love.

Would I recommend this book???

I really wouldn't recommend this book that much because it really wasn't that interesting to me until closer to the end, but it was still a very nice story. I would recommend this book to mostly girls cause its a sad kind of girly story.