Friday Focus

JSE Staff September 11, 2015

"Love Your People"

Barb said it best..."we will get through by celebrating", even if it is with ants. Thanks for making the little logs at 6am, it's a national day that will not be forgotten at JSE:) Joni~ we wish you a wonderful celebration at your son's wedding!

PL221 Committees: I hope you find the shared running note doc useful and this increases communication of the focused collaboration in each committee. I will put another official meeting on the schedule for October but I encourage you to meet or share with each other as you see fit.

STAR tests are complete. Thank you for working together with Lisa and sending home score reports.

We have been in school for a little over three weeks, we now have formal and informal assessment data. Begin to ask yourself these questions: Who is already on my watch list? Who will need to be challenged? What parents do I need to make individual contact with before conferences?

In a couple of weeks, I look forward to meeting with you individually to learn about your students, discuss instructional goals, and hear any concerns you have, just as we did last year.

Thank you for working with your students on their creative writing piece for Brownies and Books on Thursday. And in advance for supporting the event.

We miss you Diana and look forward to your return next week (fingers crossed)!

Have a relaxing weekend! ~Leigh

Professional Development:

  • SIP (PL221) Committees: After you decide your professional learning focus, please let me know how I can support the resources you may need...books, programs, resource tools, etc.
  • Monday (2,3) and Wednesday (4,5) BOY Special Ed. Meetings with grade levels
  • Thursday: Vida Follow-up in Amy's Room
  • Friday: Mike will meet with grades k-2.

Teach Like a Champion refresher... Technique 5

The pdf below provides an excellent and QUICK summary of Doug Lemov's, Teach Like a Champion. Purposeful and Intentional: Technique 1: NO OPT OUT,Technique 2: RIGHT IS RIGHT,Technique 3: STRETCH IT, Technique 4: FORMAT MATTERS, Take a quick look this week at Technique 5: WITHOUT APOLOGY

"NOTE that Lemov often refers to minimizing “transaction costs” – meaning doing interventions with the least disruption possible and as quickly as possible so as not to take time and attention away from teaching and learning."

I encourage you to skim through these and include them in your instruction next week. Just a plain ol' good refresher!

Continuous Improvement: Professional Development Planning


  • Lock-down drill Tuesday. I will make an announcement.
  • Classroom schedules, please e-mail or share with me through Google a digital copy.
  • Flower Fund Donation
  • Review the techniques above
  • Complete the PD Form-Survey above
  • Send home STAR reports
  • Turn in 100% Effort Work
  • Spirit Fridays, wear your orange and green!