It is ok to be yourself


Leo:  At first Leo did not realize he was in love with Stargirl, but then he started to relize he liked her after everyone started to hate her.       Stargirl:  Stargirl was really different from other people and at the end of the book she moved away to Midwest Minnesota.       Archie:  Archie is a retired archeaologist, and he seems kind of crazy. He gets a whole bunch of bones from museum. He always seems to speak in riddles.

Kids pick

My favorite part is where they all start to do the Bunny Hop ot the Octillo Ball.

Figurtive Language

Strong verbs

I bolted from the truck.    Kevin was at the gate windmilling his arm: Hurry!     I threw the two dollar admission at the window.      I raced to the field.        But Kevin was screaming on the phone.


       At the beginning of the book everyone liked Stargirl except for Hillary Kimble and Wyane Parr. But when the basketball team started to win they didn't like Stargirl the actually hated her a lot. In the middle of the story Leo and Stargirl started dating, but towards the end there was a shunning. Leo did not like the shunning he wanted Stargirl to change, stargirl changed to Susan.                                                                                                                                            After the Oritorical contest she changed back into Stargirl and she knew that Leo would not ask her to the Octillo Ball, and she was right. At the Octillo Ball Stargirl requested a song from the DJ. She asked the DJ to play the bunny hop, everybody joined in with her. They travled all the way around the golf course. Once they got back Hillary said to Stargirl "You ruin everything" and slapped her. Stargirl was trying to be the better person kissed her on the cheek.


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