Natavya Linster

Information About Tsunami

Tsunamis Is A Large & High Wave Also Called Seismic Sea Wave. Tsunami Is Usually Caused By Earthquakes/Seaquake, Undersea Volcanic Eruption.Tsunamis Occur In Areas Where Tectonic Plates Collide With Each Other, Or Drift Past Each Other Also In Areas With Geological Faults.

Predicting & Protecting

Tsunamis Cannot Be Predicted, But Pacific Tsunami Can Forecast The Behavior Of The Tsunami If One Has Produced. There Isn't Really Isn't Away Of Preventing Deaths From This Disaster But There Is One Thing That May Help Which Is The Tsunami Warning Systems But That Only Goes So Far. Find Out If Your Home Is Are In Hazard Areas, Plan Evacuation Routes At Home, School,Etc.

1908 Messina Tsunami

Information About 1908 Messina Tsunami

The Messina Tsunami Occurred Dec. 28, 1908 In Italy. The Messina Tsunami Was Caused By 30-42 Seconds Long Earthquake With The Magnitude Of 6.7-7.2. The Tsunami Caused 123,000 Deaths. The Was Lots Of Damage Done For Example Both Cities Were Almost Completely Destroyed. 90% Of The Buildings & Broken Pipes Fuelled A Firestorm

3 Interesting Facts

  • The Tsunami Was 8 Meter High
  • Rescuers Searcher Through The Rubble For Weeks, Whole Families Were Still Being Pulled Out Alive Days Later, But There Where Still Many Buried There,The Italian Navy & Army Began Searching, Treating The Injured, & Evacuating Refugees
  • One Of The Deadliest Natural Disasters Recored During Historic Times.


  • The Social Impacts- 59,000 People Where Left Homeless.
  • The Economic Impact- The Repair Cost Was About $86,342,700