Tierra Helada

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Physical Characteristics

If you want to be the top of the top, this place will be just what your looking for. The height of this location is 12,000 to 15,000 feet! But i do advice bring warm clothing for your stay because of the fact that the temperature usually ranges from 20 - 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The Tierra Helada has little to no trees because of it cold climate. The usual type of vegetation you will experience are Punas or alpine meadows.


If your like me, you love to travel to other places and try exotic food! If i am describing you, then follow me along the path of food in Tierra Helada. With it begin hard to grow plants, they have to grow plants that have been adapted to grow at that type of environment. They grow quinoa, a type of wheat. They also raise many alpacas and llamas for many reasons.


As i stated above, the animals they raise are used for many purposes. One major reason they are so heavily relied on is because there thick wool can be made into blankets and clothing to keep them warm.


Farming and mining are the two main activities that take place here. They have a lot of substances to mine including tine, lead, copper, sliver.