Animal Abuse: by Emma Johnson

Information every young child should know about their pets

How does mistreatment start?

Research shows that abuse of animals is started when a child is young. If a young one begins pulling a dog or cats tail, and never told that the action is wrong, it is never stopped. Most of the time, the child learns their actions from TV, parents, or friends. If this child doesn't know that their actions towards the animal are wrong, then they will never learn and continue with their mistakes.

So how should we treat our pets?

When we have a dog or cat, we should pet them nicely. When we pet our animals, we dont hit them, we gently pet them on their head and back. Never should we pull a tail. If we want an animal to stay or do something we want, we call their name, and gently pick them up.

Being kind to your pets of all kinds

Ways of abuse

Often people dont know they are abusing an animal, until something bad happens

Different ways of abuse

Sometimes, when people are abusing animals, they dont realize that it is harming the animal and hurting them. It is important that children learn young what abusing and animal is:

  • Pulling tails
  • Not giving an animal food or water
  • Making the animal live in dirty or unsafe homes
  • Yelling in ones ear
  • Dragging them across the floor
  • Hoarding (the collection of many animals to the point you can take care of them)
  • Scaring the animal on purpose
  • Making an animal do something their not supposed to do

Some ways of treating an animal are larger than others. But if any of the above are done repeatably, it can cause a bad problem.

Young children and animals

Children often are fascinated with any animal that they can get their hands on. Most of the time, if the animal runs away, they will chase them screaming at them. If you are a parent and see this happening, make sure to tell the child to stop and explain to them why it is wrong.

Research shows that between the ages of 2-15, toddlers, to kids, to teenagers begin to abuse animals with out knowing its wrong. Also, if a person in their youth or teen ages abuses an animal, they are more likely to have a more violent look on life. They may be the one to cause a fight or injure someone on accident.

So whats a Solution?

So if we make animal abuse known, and spread whats happening, could we get abuse to stop? You can only control yourself, but making people well aware of this problem could help tremendously. If you see someone abusing an animal of any kind, there are local services such as the APL, your own vet, or even your local police station that you can report these actions to. Because all together is when we can truly stop abuse of all kinds around the universe.


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Powtoon for kids

This powtoon is my way of hopefully showing younger kids of what the right way of treating their pets. If they can stop and know what the correct actions are, then they can spread their knowledge around.