Crow Tribe

By: Ayianna Johnson

What they lived in

The crow tribe lived

in tepees called Crow

tepees.Crow tepees

were made of wooden

poles and the poles were

tied together with animal

skins. A flat top was

used so if a fire was inside

smoke could escape.

What the Crow Tribe ate

The Crow Tribe

has different clans and one of the

clans hunts and also grows squash,

beans and corn.

Tools they used

The Crow tribe used spears

and bowen arrows to hunt

and catch there food. It also

came in handy for

getting materials such as

rock or stone.

Fun Fact

1 fun fact about the Crow tribe

is that they once lived on the

Yellowstone River Valley.

Fun Fact

I thought an interesting fact about

the crow tribe is that they have

their own flag called the Absaroka,

flag which means bird people

What the Crow Tribe did

If you were a man who was

part of the crow tribe you hunted

for food well the ladies cooked

and made cloths.