The Rock Cycle

and how rocks are formed

my rock story

I started as a normal sediment living underground. I was compacted together for 10,000 years. I finally became a sedimentary rock after all that time. You thought 10,000 years was alot? I stayed as sedimentary rock for another 10,010,000 YEARS. Eventually the tectonic plate I was on crashed into another tectonic plate. I got crushed and I turned into a metamorphic rock! maaagic. Another 10,000 years flew by really fast. I got exposed to a nearby source of magma, and I melted into magma. Who doesn't like magma? As a matter of fact, me. I stayed as magma for 100,00 years in a volcano. Then on a totally normal day, my volcano erupted! I exploded out of the volcano and quickly cooled into an igneous (extrusive) rock. As I was exposed to the surface, I slowly eroded off my rock into a sediment in 1,000 years. I got absorbed into the roots of a plant in 10 years. Once I was part of the plant, an ostrich ate me! After 1,000 my ostrich had already died and decomposed. I became part of the ocean floor over and became a sediment. I am still being washed further downstream and don't know what I should do with my life. :)
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