December 2014 Edition

Making our lists, Checking them twice...

The PBIS team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and commitment towards incorporating our PBIS initiative into all that you do!

In our last survey, many staff members expressed the strain of inconsistent enforcement of certain classroom rules.

Year 1 of PBIS focuses on expectations for common areas, like halls and the cafeteria. Year 2 will expand into classroom expectations.

While this year's phase of PBIS does not focus on classroom behavior, we would like to take this opportunity to gain feedback as to what rules are the most difficult to enforce.

It is important to us as a PBIS team that you know we have heard your suggestions and concerns, and are working hard to improve in these areas and provide you with the support you need.

Please list the top three rules/procedures that you feel are not being consistently enforced throughout Canyon Vista, so that we can ensure they are a focus to our campus in the upcoming PBIS phases.

Jeans! Jeans! Jeans!

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Don't forget that two W2G certificates buys you a day of comfort and joy!

Email Karen Apperson if you want to ca$h in!

Mustang Rewards

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This picture shows all of the Mustang Rewards students turned in for a chance at last month's impossible shot!

There's just shy of 200 tickets here!

BIG THANK YOU to Marco Gorena, Akemi Bond, and Paige Crain for being the highest givers of Mustang Rewards in the fall semester.

We encourage all teachers to give away 10-20 Mustang Rewards each week!

Can we make this a goal Mustangs?

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We can't tell you enough how thankful we are to have all of you on our campus!

Your dedication to our students never ends and always amazes.

Please have a restful winter break.

Try to be less naughty (Jordan!) and more nice!