All About Me

by Miss Liese

I Am Miss Liese

There will come a day, once they have left my classroom, when my students will go out into the world, make decisions, decide upon actions, express themselves, and fight for what they believe in. I firmly believe it is my duty as a teacher to prepare them for that day. Every day they may hear a news report, or listen to a speaker, etc. and will need to judge for themselves the truth of what they are hearing and seeing in order to come to a decision about the actions they will take. It is my goal as a teacher to help my students learn the tools, the critical thinking skills, to evaluate information they are presented with logically and rationally to come to their own conclusions regarding their beliefs and views of events.

Teaching is What I Do

While I began teaching at Cecilia Snyder Middle School in 2010, I have been teaching middle school since 2003 and have come to find it is my favorite age to teach. My first year at Snyder Middle School, I taught Social Studies, Language Arts, and an iPad course. I currently teach 21st Century Technology in the iMac lab.

21st Century Technology is What I Share

Frogs Are My Favorite Thing

Sporty I Am Not

Many have called me the anti-sport. Many sports I have tried to play, to no avail. However, I am currently learning to sail - with no tragic damage to the boat, myself or other personal property yet! This, for me, is quite an accomplishment. One I am proud of. :o)

I Have Many Animals