February 2023


Happy February. As you may already know, Elmer Gish School is proud to offer TWO Programs: GLOBAL & COGITO. Our excellent " Global" Program is the regular English program, with many advantages that other schools do not have. We feature flexible seating, extensive technology, cooperative learning, project-based group work, and productive learning centers. Gish School and the St. Albert Public School Division are committed to continuing to provide the Global Program for K-6 students in Akinsdale and Pineview. We have some room in the Global Program to accept students from outside of St. Albert as well.

Gish "Cogito" is also a very popular Program for K-9. With a compatibility screening, we accept new students at all grades. We want to ensure that individual students and the Cogito Program are a good match for each other. For the first time in a while, we have room for more Cogito students in some of the classes, even if the students don't reside in St. Albert.

Congratulations to ALL the students who successfully achieved honours standing in Semester I. Staff hosted a well-attended Honours Breakfast for junior high students on Monday; we are VERY PROUD of all Gish School students.

Progress Reports were issued at the end of January, and Semester II officially starts on February 1st. If you need help accessing your children's Progress Reports, please contact Gish School's Office.

John Strembitsky, Sue Werner, Derek Harrison
Elmer Gish School's Administrative Team

Kindergarten Open House

We are gearing up for our Kindergarten Open House on Wednesday, February 8 starting at 6:00pm. We are looking forward to hosting an in-person Open House, and will feature time for parents to interact with Kindergarten teachers. After a brief introduction and overview from administrators, Gish Kindergarten teachers will make presentations:

-Mrs. Leppington will present and answer questions about the GLOBAL Program.

-Mrs. Soprovich AND Miss Cook will host the COGITO presentation / question session.

Administrators will also present and will also answer specific questions after the presentations. Parents are welcome to remain as long as they'd like to.


6:00-6:10pm: Admin. Intro.

6:10-6:30pm: GLOBAL Presentation and Q & A: Carolyn Leppington

6:30-6:50pm: COGITO Presentation and Q & A: Katrina Soprovich & Cydney Cook

6:50-7:00pm Quick classroom tour

7:00pm-on: Admin Q & A

After completing the "Request to Register Form," parents will be contacted to set up an assessment/visit with Kindergarten teachers. First priority is for students who live in Akinsdale or Pineview subdivisions, then if they live in other areas of St. Albert. Second priority is for students who have older siblings currently attending Gish School. Third priority is for families who live outside of St. Albert. We want to get to know your child. No matter where students live, in order for students to be accepted into the Cogito Program, students will be assessed through the compatibility screening.


Our lost and found is over flowing with all kinds of items. Please have your student take a look to see if anything belongs to them. We will be removing the items Next Wednesday February 8th.

NO MORE Plastic Utensils

Please remember that we are NO longer providing plastic utensils and will NOT be bringing anymore in. Please send appropriate eating tools with your children as needed.

Cogito Uniforms

As our renovations come to an end we've discovered many treasures along the way. One such treasure is boxes of random new Cogito Uniform pieces. To clear out the stock, we've drastically reduced the price and will have them on sale at the upcoming parent teacher interviews in March. Stock is LIMITED and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

2021/2022 Yearbook Update

Yearbooks have arrived and will be distributed in the coming month. Once all the pre-orders have been distributed, we will make any extra yearbooks available for sale on a first come first served basis.


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Ski Day

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SR Girls Basketball finish B side finalist at SAPEC!

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Gish WARRIORS Basketball

Gish Students continue to practice and play hard on the basketball court, with girls' and boys' Warrior's teams at both the junior and senior level.

Thanks to ALL coaches:

Senior Girls: Mr. Vigneau

Senior Boys: Mr. Fischer

Junior Girls: Mrs. Johnston

Junior Boys: Wyatt Paziuk & Mr. Orfino



Last week the Foods 8/9 classes took on their Cooking Challenge for the semester. So many great dishes - our judges were stuffed!


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Academic Challenge

SAM and Hillgrove Schools are honored to host our division's Academic Challenge programs. The Academic Challenge program is designed to enhance learner competencies and provide students opportunities to study curricular out comes at a deeper, more comprehensive level of understanding. In this program, students build confidence in managing their own learning in a supportive, inquiry-based environment with others who exhibit characteristics of a gifted learner.

Th is program does require an application process that includes:

- a recommendation from the current school administrator and teacher, AND

- a FSIQ standard score of 120 or higher on a psychoeducational assessment.

If you feel this program might be a good fit for your child, please consider attending our Academic Challenge Information Evening Session on Wednesday, February 15th from 6-7pm in the SAM Library.

Also, if you have questions about this program, please do not hesitate to reach out to either:

- Charlotte Kirchner at Division Office,

- Dawn Rothwell at SAM, (grades 4-6)

- Randy Roszell at Hillgrove, (grades 7-9)

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