The Journey to Perseverance

~Claire Huang 5/6 ELA


Perseverance is the journey to success. WIthout perseverance no one can achieve anything. Yet with perseverance several will go through stages of hardship and adversity, but the outcome is always worth while.

Losing to Win! Go Lady Jags!

Running, running, running, nobody can run forever, away from adversity and hardship. Discover new things, push it away. Meeting new people, a waste of everyone’s time. It all stops at Carroll Academy, where new may not be a bad thing. The girl’s problem was the way their life started out. They all had one thing in common, and that was parent abuse, living in poverty, and things that they can not change themselves. Thus, they have been sent to the Academy to gain the needed education, to learn to control themselves with drugs and other toxic items. One possible solution contemplated by the people that work in Carroll Academy was to participate in basketball games, all girls were required to join, no matter their condition. The basketball games were to help the girls overcome anxiety and rejection as well as helping them learn how to work together as a team. Even though they had a 218 losing streak they still tried hard and were able to get about 32 points, which in their case was very good. Even though they lost every game they were able to learn several valuable lessons such as teamwork, gaining people’s trust, and to believe in themselves and that they are unique and perfect in their own way. As you can see, Carroll Academy was able to change several young teenagers’ lives and to help them live a better life and help them understand the world better.

Jackie Robinson! Home Run!

Sometimes events can mean so little to everybody, but sometimes they can change lives for the better or for worse. It can also change several people instead of one. In this case Jackie Robinson was able to change several lives for the better and teach people lessons about skin color and segregation.

After Branch Rickey met Jackie Robinson, both were able to participate in the Noble Experiment, trusting none other than themselves. Jackie Robinson being in the Experiment created several paths for him, a way to ride his fame, or a way to fall in shame. He would either be bullied in the league or be looked to by his teammates. Though in this case the several paths broke apart and led him to success where he played in a national league and inspired several young black man to do what he did and better. Which led to people ending segregation not just inside the baseball field, but out there in the world too.

This paragraph shows that one man’s determination can create paths for many other people, and to go far and beyond also end a conflict that people never dare to falter.
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Winston Churchill, Never Give Up!

Winston Churchill is an influential, inspirational, and noble historical figure. He was born into a rich family, though his childhood wasn’t as fulfilling as other children his age. His parent were never there for him and his nanny was more of a mother to him than his real mother. In his childhood he was also quite a delinquent and wasn’t exactly the best student. Though through hardships and concentration he was able to graduate at the top of the class and go to good schools like Harrow School and a prestigious army school. Throughout his life he has shown leadership, enthusiasm, and trustworthiness. For example in World War 2 he had been the elected the prime minister, he took part in the war and tried to help as much as he possibly could. He also gave his famous “Never Give In” speech at Harrow School to show the people of Europe not to give up. In the speech he was able to give people courage, hope, and belief even in the darkest time of the century. However though, he was best known for being the prime minister of Great Britain, even though he got vetoed of that place, people after the war recognized him as the person to lead Europe to success and a better future. During his time as prime minister he also received several other rewards making him one of the most important and influential historical figures. Winston Churchill once said, “Never give up. Never, never, never give up.” From this quote, we can see that Winston Churchill is encouraging and enthusiastic for Great Britain’s recovery in the war and is willing to persuade others to not give up no matter how bad.In this text one can see Winston Churchill has many leading characteristics that describe him such as leadership, enthusiasm, trustworthy, and influential. Other things that make Winston Churchill unique in his own ways is how he faces a problem, instead of giving in, he was able to help others see to the light and beyond.


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As shown in the few examples, perseverance takes on an important role in one's success. It creates new paths when old paths die and it doesn't just create a new path for just one person, but it can also create a path, a path of inspiration, for others to follow.