TKM Ch. 7

Heesoo Kim, Sushma Penupala, Meghan Murkin


After the school year has started, Jem finally came out and told Scout that he found his pants sewn and neatly hung on the Radley's backyard tree. Scout and Jem found a knothole that they claimed as their own, they start receiving gifts in the hole. Then the hole is filled with cement, which upsets Jem and Scout.


Plot line: Boo Radley mystery

"Less than two weeks later we found a whole package of chewing, which we enjoyed, the fact that everything on the radley place was poison having slipped Jem's memory."

(Pg 80-81)

"Mr. Radley, ah- did you put cement in that hole in that tree down yonder?"

"Yes," he said. "I filled it up."

(Pg. 83)