floral assistent

by claudia molina

job discription

A florist assistant will prepare flowers to be put in am arrangement. Help load vehicles with flowers and supplies. They unwrap flowers, strip thorns, dead petals, give foliage a fresh cut, prepares buckets of water and refrigerate flowers. They also take orders make calls arrange deliverers, recreate arrangements, help customers, cleaning, transport arrangements.

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level of schooling required?

The typical schooling is a High school diploma, and an American institute of floral designers certification.
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The national average salary is 23,230.
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where can you work in the world/us in this career?

There are job opportunities all across America. You can work in grocery stores, small floral shops and sometimes craft stores.

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is there continuing professional devolpment for this career?

There is not. All that is needed is a creative and open mind.

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I think being a floral assistant is interesting because you have a variety of things you have to do, you help customers and clean but you also get to create arrangements. You get a variety of jobs to do and you also get to be creative and learn from it.