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Women's Suffrage Movement and The Civil Rights Movement


How to use GVRL resources (if you need a quick refresher or you get stuck)

1. Click on the link for Mrs. Huffman's digital book cart, See Mrs. Huffman or the librarians for the password if you forget.

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Advanced search help:

When you see a search term that looks like this "Suffrage --> Tennessee," you should use the advanced search link under the digital book cart search bar. Type "suffrage" in the first keyword box, then select "keyword" for the second search box and type "Tennessee." This will limit your results to documents that contain both the words "suffrage" and "Tennessee."

Local resources

Women's Suffrage Movement:

TN Encyclopedia of History and Culture--the suffrage movement in TN

Tennessee State Library & Archives--digital exhibit on the suffrage movement in TN

TN 4 Me--TN suffrage leaders

MTSU Primary Sources--digital resources on the suffrage movement in TN

Civil Rights Movement:

TN Encyclopedia of History and Culture--civil rights movement in TN

Sit-ins in TN--a closer look at the famous sit-ins in Nashville

TN 4 Me--Nashville and TN protests during the civil rights movement

MTSU Primary Sources--digital resources on the civil rights movement in TN

Credit for Images

Richerman. Annie Kenney and Christabel Pankhurst. N.d. Hastings Press. Wikipedia. Web. 20 Apr. 2015.

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