By Jared Lohwasser

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What Causes It?

Many Causes Are because Of Changes In The Brain. Doctors Do Not Know What Exactly Causes It.

How Does It Affect Someones Brain And Mind?

It Can Cause Someone To Be Really focused To Something And Know A lot and Be Really Good At That One Thing.

Can It Be Cured? Are There Treatments?

There Is No Cure But people With aspergers Can Be Treated For It.

Medications are often used to treat AS symptoms. Examples include:

  • aripiprazole to reduce irritability
  • guanfacine, olanzapine, and naltrexone to reduce hyperactivity
  • selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to reduce repetitive behaviors
  • risperidone to reduce agitation and insomnia

What Changes Can Be Made In The Enviroment To Treat Someone with AS?

A Person With AS Can Be Treated By Doing Physical Therapy And Social Interactions.

What Has Been Done For Research and Awareness?

Pills And Supplements Have Been Made For AS Patients.

Interesting Fact

AS People Are Very Smart.