First Grade News

February 2016

Puzzle Piece Phonics

We have begun exploring long vowel spelling patterns. We have worked with all the long vowel-consonant-silent e patterns (cone, bike, make). We have also practiced vowel teams: ee, ea, oa, and ai. These vowel teams follow the "when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking" rule. Most recently, we have been working on open syllable long vowels such as in table. Moving forward, we will begin consonant help syllables such as ay, ey, ow, igh, and y saying /e/ and /i/.

Everyday Math

Unit 5 focused on the following concepts and skills: base-10 blocks, Frames-and-Arrows problems, equivalent names for numbers, comparing lengths, and comparing numbers using >, <, = signs. We also working on comparison problem solving, place value, time to the quarter hour, temperature, and turn-around facts.

We recently started Unit 6. This unit will focus on fact families, measuring in centimeters, the introduction of the quarter, and time to the five minute.

We highly recommend purchasing Fact Triangles (3 corner flash cards) to help your child learn addition and subtraction facts at home.


First graders have been working hard expanding their writing skills. Our focus has been writing complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation. We have also been working on adding details to "tell more", as well as including an opening and closing sentence.

Students are encouraged to spell the sight words we have learned so far correctly in their writing. Please see the Sight Word Pacing list on our Haiku page and use this to help your child correct any sight word you see them spell incorrectly in their homework. We have practiced all the sight words in Chapters 1-8.

Important Dates

Feb. 12-15: School Closed

Feb. 19th: Field trip to Children's Theater of Charlotte to see 'Journey to Oz'

March 3rd: Field trip to Matthew's Theater to see 'Junie B.'

March 4th: School Closed

March 11th: Progress Reports available online

March 17th: First Grade Party 1:45-2:45

March 19-28: SPRING BREAK

March 31st: Read Around the World & Crazy Hair Day

April 4-8th: Spring Book Fair

April 7th: Early Dismissal - Parent Conferences
April 8th: No School - Parent Conferences

April 13th: Family Day - early dismissal

April 22nd: First Grade Event - Games Throughout Time

April 26th: Field Trip to Children's Theater of Charlotte

April 29th: Lower School Olympic Day