Definition of MDMA

Methylenedioxymethamphetaimne is a psychoactive drug. This is a man made drug that causes many effects. Such as, hallucinating and increased energy. This is commonly used during concerts and raves.

Slang terms

Ecstasy, Molly, Scooby Snacks, E - Bombs, Skittles

Effects of the drug

  • causes hallucination
  • distorts sensory perception
  • triggers hormones
  • fluctuates your mood
  • increases heart rate and blood pressure
  • high dosages affect how the body regulates your internal temperature
  • dilates your pupils
  • increases your energy


According to the Foundation For A Drug-Free World,"The UN Office on Drugs and Crime estimates Ecstasy users to number approximately 9 million worldwide." Recent surveys down by the NIH show that:

  • 140% of kids 12 and older are MDMA users for rest of their lives
  • 100% of kids 12 and older have "popped a molly" or mollys in the past year
  • 30% of kids 12 and older have used it in the month the survey was taken


If you are planning to or already take molly I highly suggest learning about the risks and effects of the drug. Along with that, if you attend a rave in the future and take MDMA or a friend does make sure you check on them and yourself. If anything happens out of the ordinary seek medical attention immediately.

Questions from original handout

Do you have a family policy about drug abuse?

Yes, quoted directly from my father, "You do drugs and there will be sever consequences." I believe this is fair because drugs are very harmful and can effect you in horrible ways. Plus, while on drugs people are known to do stupid things and find themselves breaking the law.

What should I do if someone offers me drugs? How can I deal with peer pressure?

If someone offers me drugs I will say no. Although if they try to peer pressure me I will have excuses ready. One of which is that my parents would ground me for a life time and it could affect my life in a major way. If that doesn't work i will simply walk away, thus eliminating the peer pressure.