CHS Frequently Asked Questions


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Back to School 21-22 FAQ's

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How will CHS help students feel comfortable & safe?

  • All Hands On Deck - There will be many helping hands throughout the building to assist students with getting to class.
  • Printed schedules will be available in the cafeteria for all students.
  • Class meetings will be hosted the first week of class.

Important Dates

Please review our important dates in each weekly newsletter.

Will students receive an ID Card.

  • ID Cards will be created and given the 1st couple of weeks of school.
  • All students will take a picture and that picture will be used for their ID Card.
  • (These are not school pictures, just ID Card Photos)

Will parents be allowed in the building?

Please reference updated guidelines by Center School District.

All updated information can be found on the CSD COVID page.

When will student schedules "Go Live"?

Student schedules will "Go Live" Friday, August 20, 2021 @ 3PM.

If you have questions before that date, please make a request with questions HERE.

Please follow the protocol listed above for challenges with schedules.

Will students be assigned lockers?

Yes, All students will be assigned a locker. They are not obligated to use them for backpacks, but must put all large winter coats in lockers.

Will students be allowed to carry backpacks to class?

Yes. Students will be allowed to carry backpacks to class. They are also welcome to put their backpacks in their lockers.

When will students receive schedules?

Schedules will be handed out the first day to all students.

Will there be a laptop distribution?

  • The main laptop distribution is planned for Monday, August 23, 2021 during the school day. Any updates to this schedule will be communicated.
  • Students who have not turned their laptop in from the previous year will not receive a laptop until the laptop has been turned in for updates.
  • (All lost technology items carry a fine. Please call the school for more information if laptops have been lost or stolen.)

Will there be a Freshman Orientation?

  • There will not be a Freshman Orientation this year.
  • There will be Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Meetings for students only.
  • Class meetings will occur during Jacket Success Time, the first week of school.

Will there be a Back to School Night?

  • There will not be a Back to School Night.
  • A Parent Meeting will be scheduled for the near future.
  • Please join us at the Back to School Bash 8.14.21, 10 AM - 12 PM.

Teacher & Classroom Expectations

Students will receive a syllabus from each teacher the first week of school.

The syllabus for each class should give information about:

  • Teacher Contact Information
  • Materials
  • Classroom Platforms & Assignments
  • Assignment & Assessment Policies

Will students receive textbooks?

  • Textbook distribution will depend on each individual class.
  • Most textbooks are online and teachers will push assignments out to students via their learning platforms.
  • All students will be issued a laptop to access their learning platforms and textbooks.

How will the High School Communicate This Year?

All communication will come from:

  • *Emailed Digital (Community, Student, & Senior Newsletters)
  • Parent Portal Messages (Voice/Email/Text/Parent Portal Announcements, ETC.)
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter (See Below)
  • Parent Webpage (Under Construction)

*Whatever email is on file in the Parent Portal is the Email used for sending information. Please update with current information.

Please follow us on all of our social media platforms to stay connected and up to date.


Facebook Page - Center High School Parent Support




District Twitter



Athletics Twitter


Any other questions or concerns?

We'd Love to Answer ANY Questions HERE!

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Will students dress out for PE?

Students have the option to dress out for PE. PE teachers will give more information regarding expectations during the first week of school.

Will students need to purchase a PE uniform?

Not at this time. We have not adopted a specific set of PE Uniform. That is our hope for the near future.

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Pick Up & Drop Off Information

School Hours: 8:05 AM - 3:05 PM

Building Entry/Exit

All students must enter/exit the building through the front doors.


All Car-Riders can be dropped in the East parking lot (East of the front/main parking lot by the gym) to enter the front doors as early as 7:40 AM.


All Car-Riders can be picked up at 3:05 PM in the same parking lot that students were dropped off.

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Jacket Success Time FAQ's

Jacket Success Time is a time designated for the following:

  • Student Check-Ins
  • Student Guidance (4 - Year Planning Review)
  • SEL Lessons (Social Emotional Learning)
  • Career & College Readiness Lessons
  • Digital Citizenship Lessons
  • Intervention (Academic Support/Behavioral Support)
  • Enrichment (ACT Prep/Community Service Projects/Clubs & Activities)
  • More Enrichment (Guest Speakers/Senior Post Secondary Prep/Career Fairs/College Fairs/ETC)

Please submit more questions & concerns through our FAQ's Questionnaire.

We'd Love to Answer ANY Questions HERE!

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Technology FAQ's

When is laptop distribution?

Currently laptop distribution is scheduled for Monday, August 23, 2021 during the school day.

Why is Outlook Mail not working?

Outlook mail may not be working for the following reasons.

  • Updating Accounts
  • Seniors who graduated
  • Students who did not turn their laptops back in.

*Technology can always be reached at 816-349-3304

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Transportation FAQ's

Where do I get information about transportation?**

  • There is a district information page for parents. It can be found HERE.
  • There is a section on the Parent-Student page about transportation.
  • If you still have questions, please reach out.

What time will buses be out in the mornings?

  • All bus routes depend on where students will be picked up. The earliest listed time is 6:56 AM.

What about students involved in residency programs?

  • Students in other programs AM/PM will be dropped off at CHS?

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