Correia Middle School News


With Gratitude!

July 25, 2023

Dear Correia Community,

I hope this letter finds you safe and well. I am writing to share with all of you that I have accepted the principal position at Jerabek Elementary School. It is very important that you receive this information from me directly, as you have all made such an enormous difference in my life – which I will be forever grateful.

It has been my true privilege to serve as principal of Correia Middle School for the past 11 years. I can honestly say that my time here has been full of blessings. As a school and as the Point Loma community we have grown immensely, we have built deep relationships, and we have learned alongside each other as students, staff, parents, and community partners. We have created a “vertically aligned” culture that is talked about throughout San Diego Unified. When people hear about Point Loma, the reputation is full of PRIDE, strength, care, innovation, and rich in history.

It has taken much thought and personal reflection making the decision to return to the elementary level. Before I came to Correia, I never could imagine I would leave the elementary world as I believed that the spark, the thirst for learning originates early in a child’s life…the formative years in elementary school. Once I arrived at Correia, boy was I wrong. I learned that the spark, the thirst to learn is in every child, all the time. It just presents itself differently as they get older. Their narratives change, and for one…I love that! I will also miss that! I plan to utilize all my experiences and the lessons I learned from your children to create conditions for the new generation of students…the Gen Alpha kids…to thrive!

Saying goodbye is never easy; however, I have full confidence in the Correia Staff and the shared mission and vision that we have established here at Correia. I have been humbled by how the Point Loma community embraces its leaders…especially here at Correia where we are a quick two year stop before Point Loma High. I am so grateful for you entrusting me and the Correia Team for the care…academically, social, and emotionally…of your children over the years. Also, for your partnership in creating wonderful opportunities for students. Correia has been an excellent place to work!

Over the past 11 years, the Correia staff has built a platform that has allowed innovative teaching practices that embrace 21st century skills and tools for our students. We have grown a strong community that has come together over hardships and has celebrated much. I am moving on, but the shared Correia mission and vision lives on with the wonderful admin team, teaching and support staff, and our wonderful FoDaC! I believe that Correia and the Point Loma community is stronger because of your active support and the concerted efforts of all! As I step out of this role, I will take Correia PRIDE with me and I will forever be grateful for the many relationships we built over the years!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Jonathan McDade