Green Bay packers

By shrita

Team info

City: Green Bay

State: Wisconsin

Country: United States

Longitude & Latitude: 44.5 degrees north, 88 degrees west

Languages Spoken: English

Region: Northwest Region

INTERESTING FACTS (about region)

- it has 13 states

-has 8 national monuments

-has 1 regional office


-Mississippi River

-Appalachian Mountains

-Great Lakes

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: NOT DECIDED

Nicknames: Cheese Heads

Reason for mascot/nickname: Wisconsin is very famous for cheese, hence the name Cheeseheads


When was the team established: August 11, 1919

Who was the founder: Curly Lambeau

Why did they choose this location: It was Lambeau's hometown


What is the name of the stadium/arena: Lambeau Field

Why does the Stadium have this name: It is the founder's last name.

Has the stadium ever had another name: no

Why are more and more stadiums named after businesses or individuals: They want them

or their business to progress more, and stand out.