Child care worker

By: Edward Schoffstall

What do they do?

Childcare workers are people that care for children when their parents are unavailable. They care for children’s basic needs. In addition, some help children prepare for kindergarten or help older children with homework.

Their Environment

In the homes of the people that they work for. Also in businesses such as a day care center. They need to be attentive to the child at all times and have a lot of patience.

How to Become One

It depends on their place of employment. Sometimes you might not need anything more then a high school diploma but in other cases you may need special certifications.

Their Pay

2012 Median Pay$19,510 per year
$9.38 per hour

Job Outlook

The job outlook for child care workers is on the rise and expected to grow 14% by the year 2022. This is because of consent need for more child care .

Similar Occupations

Similar to pay and job growth of other entry level jobs.