Pre Sports guidelines and rules

Alyssa ramirez Period 4

Why is presports fun?

Well , don't get me wrong PE can be a blast but with pre sports their is more you can do. Pre sports allows you the chance to learn different sports so therefore when you get in 7th grade you can try out for the sport. Girls sports range between either basketball , volleyball or track. In 6th grade when you sign up for pre sports you will eventually learn to play all the sports. Normally you start by learning some basic stuff with volleyball. Then basketball season starts up and you do a little of that. Last but not least you will have to do a little of track. So basically you get a chance to learn all sports and try out for 7th grade

Why the expectations are important to follow?

As you may know the gym is used for working out or just plain exercising. When you are in pre sports you do have to able to show effort and try your best! As I said pre sports is when you learn the sport. You don't just sign up for pre sports to play around , you have to able to actually participate and try even if your having trouble with it. Keep in mind pre sports are more serious than PE so don't mess around.

Guidlines with presports

As for dressing out goes you will have to change clothes. You will also receive a locker. When you dress out you have to have shorts and a t-shirt. Shorts can't be too short and shirt's can't be like a sport bra or a tight work out t shirt. Shorts have to be blue or red and shirt has to be grey. If you don't have that then just bring a pair of shorts and a random t-shirt. Remember shorts can't be shorter than where your finger tips are. Unless you have biker shorts underneath.

More guidlines for pre sports

So like I just said you will be getting a locker. You can NOT share lockers with anybody. Even if their your best friend. If you have a problem with your locker or something with your clothes than go talk to the coach. As grading goes you will be graded on participation and a few other things. We also have a day called health day. You might have health day on Wednesday ,Thursday or Friday. It just depends what period you have pre sports for. Health day is a day when you don't have to dress out and you are given a assignment based on health or excising or anything else. Basically you just don't dress out and you have a assignment so you can learn ways on how to take care of your health and other things like that. Also some days you will have a day called conditioning day but coach will talk to you more about that once you get further into the week and settle everything out

Code of conduct

Code of conduct means how your behavior is. Having a good behavior is very important in pre sports. You have to be able to try and be respectful to your classmates and your coach. You also have to be able to try and show effort even when you don't understand something. Coaches don't like to mess around , so when It comes to learning something new please make sure to pay attention.