2nd Grade News

Mrs. Jones' Class

Things to Know

We had our Project Sweeny assembly this week. Congratulations to Payton for earning the ROAR award. Her classmates say she is nice to everyone, respectful and responsible. Ryder was also recognized for being the student who raised the most money for Jump Rope for Heart. Way to save lives Ryder! The gym at Sweeny will be named Ryder White gym for one year.

Thanks to the parents who were able to attend our Parents Advisory Committee meeting. Lots of amazing learning is happening at Sweeny!

You will be receiving information today about SLAM; our summer school program. This is a fantastic way for your child to maintain all the learning s/he has worked so hard to gain this year. Your child must be enrolled for SLAM 2016 by Friday, May 6th visit https://goo.gl/7y8Hq0 to enroll! You can also find information at republicschools.org.


We will continue with fairy tales and folktales. We will compare and contrast similar stories as well as discuss the moral of the stories.

Coming Up

April 4- Monthly PTO meeting

April 22- No school for students

April 28- Sweeny Showcase from 5:30-7:00pm


The topic our class is gathering information on is the rain forest. We will continue to gather information and begin constructing a fact sheet with our teams.


In unit 6 we will be counting to 1,000 as well as adding to and subtracting from 1,000. We will be talking a lot about place value along with using the words hundreds, tens and ones to be able to explain our thinking.

Math homework will come home every Wednesday and be due on Friday.

Science/Social Studies

We will be finishing up our explorations with soil.


The words each week will be introduced to the class on Thursday and we will take a spelling test the following Wednesday.

The words are:

r influenced vowel words- germ, herd, clear, dear, near, year, cheer, earth, heard, learn

When we take a test, we will be writing two dictated sentences using words from the list. I will be checking for proper capitalization, punctuation and correct spelling of the word used from the list.