Chinese Invention: Helicopter

Nevaeh, Ibrahim

Ancient Chinese Helicopter Rotor And Propeller

The top was an axis with a cord wound round it, and with blades sticking out from the axis and set at an angle. One pulled the cord, and the top went climbing in the air. Sir George Cayley, the father of modern aeronautics, studied the Chinese helicopter top in 1809.
Modern Rotor Blades - The Physical World: Helicopters (2/3)

The Helicopter Video

The Video you see above is not one of an ancent chinese hellicopter but it is a picture and a modern helicopter. The Helicopter you see in this video are the helicopters you see in the sky today.

How This Invention Helped The World And The Chinese People

The invention helped the world by giving someone an idea to improve it and make it better then what they already had. It also helped the world by giving us more oppions for transportation in the sky other that just airplanes. It helped the Chinises by giving people more oppions to have.

Ancient Chinese Helicopter Rotor And Propeller