Ted Kaczynski

Kohl Whitfield

Biographical Information

  • Born: He was born on May 22, 1942 in Evergreen Park, Illinois
  • His parents were Theodore Richard Kaczynski and Wanda Dobek
  • He had one brother, David Kaczynski
  • He suffered a severe allergic reaction as an infant that changed his personality


  • He graduated high school at 16 in 1958
  • He majored in math at Harvard in 1962
  • Studied his Ph.D in 5 years at the University of Michigan


  • He was a professor at University of California- Berkeley from 1967-1969.
  • He also had other odd jobs

Significant event

On the day of the "Unabombers" first attack May 9, 1979, The United States and the USSR sign Salt 2 treaty, limiting nuclear weapons


  • Hugh Scrutton (Computer Rental store owner)
  • Thomas Mosser (advertising executive)
  • Gilbert Murray (timber industry lobbyist)


  • His trial was January 22, 1998 in Sacramento, California
  • He pleaded guilty and he got life in prison
  • He is currently in ADX Florence Supermax Prison in Colorado

Details of the crime

  • His bombs were sent by mail
  • His bombs were aimed towards airlines and universities hence the term "unabomber"
  • The bombs were complex unable to be traced


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