Our Carbon Footprint

By: Victoria Martinez

What does the term "Carbon Footprint" mean?

The term we always hear referred to as our "Carbon Footprint" means how much carbon dioxide is released into our air, due to fossil fuels humans have been emitting into the air.

What can you do to decrease your carbon footprint?

There are many ways you can lower your carbon footprint and help the Earth! Here is a list of things you can do.

1. Carpool. Ask a worker or friend to ride with them if y'all are going to the same place.

2. Ride a bike to work/school. Don't pull out your car when you can ride your bike, and get a bonus extra exercise in!

3. Open your windows. There's no need to put your AC on when it's a beautiful day outside. Let fresh air into your house!

4. Turn off lights when you are not in the room. Everyone is guilty of doing this very often. When you leave a room TURN THE LIGHT OFF!! You can save so much more money just by turning one simple light off.

5. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. So many people leave the faucet running while they are brushing their teeth, but why? TURN IT OFF, SAVE MONEY!!

6. Unplug plugs while they are no in use. Just by doing this you can save so much money.

7. Don't buy bottled water. PLASTIC, PLASTIC, PLASTIC.. Bad for the environment. It ALWAYS gets littered and those poor little animals are getting hurt by it.

8. Plant a tree. So many trees are getting knocked down, and we are losing our oxygen.


10. Take shorter showers. There's no need to spend 40 minutes in the shower!

How much electricity do we use daily?

  • Coffee Maker= $72 per month
  • Microwave= $54 per month
  • Toaster= $57.60 per month
  • Dishwasher= $86.40 per month
  • Dryer= $129.60 per month
  • Ceiling fan= $4.68 per month
  • Laptop= $3.60 per month
  • Television= $12.24 per month
  • Iron= $7.20 per month
  • Hair dryer= $86.40 per month
  • Refrigerator= $21.60 per month

When we ride in our cars, how much carbon dioxide is released into the air?

For each gallon, 8.7 kg of carbon dioxide is released into the air.


  • Effects on health: Causes an increase in respiratory problems. (Asthma and allergies have increased)
  • Effects on wildlife: Extinction, animals wont be able to adapt to climate change.

Greenhouse gases come from everyday activities, such as electricity, driving cars, etc. Nature Conservancy says, one quarter of the Earth's species will be going towards extinction in 40 years, due to our climate changing.

How does our carbon footprint affect the climate?

  • More heat is getting produced into the air and it's creating global warming (making the Earth Warmer)
  • Carbon dioxide is the main gas that is emitted from the greenhouse gas
  • The greenhouse gases come from our everyday activities, and some stay in the air longer than the others such as thousands of years.
  • When we drive our cars, use electricity, burn fossil fuels we are creating carbon dioxide into the air.
  • People are burning fossil fuels and creating carbon dioxide in the air faster than we are getting rid of it . Which is creating more carbon dioxide into the air which then is a cause for global warming.
  • There is about 30% more carbon dioxide into the air today then there was 150 years ago.

Carbon Cycle

1. Carbon enter air

2. Carbon dioxide is then absorbed by the producers

3. Animals feed on plants which transfers carbon

4. Dead organisms then get decomposed

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