Go abroad this summer with AIESEC!

It's up to you!

Life changing experience this summer!

Are you dreaming of…

… an unique international experience?

… getting to know a different culture?

… an international network?

… working in a professional company

… helping other people around the world?

… broaden your worldview?

… improving varied skills?

… choosing your own internship (>17000 internships) from over 110 countries?

… working in international teams?

... an organization that arranges preparation, accommodation and formalities for you?

… a personal student coach that will guide you through the whole process?

… the possibility to do a summer internship without study delay?

In our current world we drink coffee from Colombia, you wear clothes made in China, you eat bananas from Spain. Probably one of you classmates or roommates is from another country or continent.

You also have the chance to face the world with AIESEC. Earn money in India, ride a camel in Morocco or drink tea in England. And experience it is a self-discovery experience and a way of sensing the uniqueness and variety of the world. We invite you to face the world together with AIESEC!

This summer:

Global Community Development Programme

  • Voluntary project, no salary
  • From 6 weeks onwards, normally 6-8 weeks.
  • All around the world; Europe, North and South America, Africa, South
    East Asia, Middle East, Oceania
  • Usually with NGOs; nongovernmental organizations
  • Very broad content of internships; child labor, women emancipation, public health,
    institutional development, entrepreneurship, sustainability etc.
  • Teaching English, soft skills or other subjects/skills are also very common.
  • Housing will be arranged by AIESEC abroad. Possibilities are; a host family, your own
    apartment, intern-house etc.

Summer projects

A few more examples..

What can you expect from AIESEC?

AIESEC lets you assess your experiences and motivation for going on an exchange. After handing in your application to AIESEC you will be invited for an interview.

AIESEC provides resources, training and support to prepare you to live and work in another

country. This includes visa processing.

country. This includes visa processing.

Guiding through the whole process.

  1. Searching and acces to the database.
  2. Preparation before departure.
  3. Reïntegration

Help with all the formalities:

  • Housing
  • Visa

AIESEC abroad will give you a social network. And will take care of you when you are at your destination.

  • Reception activities
  • International friends

What do we expect from you?

  • Your CV and motivation letter, why you want to go abroad.
  • A interview to get to know you.
  • Active attitude.


Only 249 euro. We are a non-profit organisation run by students. This money will go to support our online system/database. And will go to AIESEC international to keep the organisation growing and to improve our services.

Other costs: Your flight ticket, vaccins and living costs, this depends on the country and your spending.

Do you want to be a part of AIESEC Wageningen?

AIESEC is a great opportunity for you to accelerate your growth, develop a global mind-set, expand your network and have fun while doing something valuable next to your studies: deliver people an unforgettable experience abroad.

We’re currently looking for people in marketing, student counselling, company acquisition, international affairs and event management (5-10 h. a week). Approach us if you're interested or have questions.

Send CV + Motivation letter to aiesec@wur.nl
deadline: 30th of April 2013

Click on the link underneath to open our information booklet for AIESEC board positions.

Infodrink to know more about opportunities within AIESEC Wageningen!

Thursday, April 18th, 7:30pm

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