Beech Class

Week of January 11

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We had another full and busy week in the Beech class! Thank you to everyone who helped make our Bread Museum such a success! The children loved sharing their knowledge and excitement about bread! See bread museum pictures here! And thanks to Ronnie's family for making a delicious bread pudding from all of the leftover bread! The kids really enjoyed it! We made whipped cream to top the bread pudding and we made butter with the leftover heavy cream!

We will be taking a trip this Thursday, January 21 to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Picasso sculpture exhibit. We will take a school bus and will leave around 10 a.m. and return around 2 p.m.. We need two chaperones to join us! Please let us know ASAP if you can come along.

We are beginning our family study. Children drew and labeled portraits of their families this week and met with a grown-up one-on-one to share their thoughts about what a family is, who is in their family, and what makes their family special. We will revisit these conversations at the end of our family unit!

Happy birthday to Nadia, Ronnie, and Oden! We will celebrate January birthdays this Friday, including (at Seobong's request) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday! See two videos below of songs we sang on Friday to celebrate Dr. King's birthday.


Madeleine and Rasha

Math - Patterns!

In math this week, we noticed, talked about, and created patterns using a variety of materials. Many children know that patterns repeat. We will be looking at and creating different kinds of pattern and noticing patterns in the world around us.

At home: Talk about patterns you notice all around! Look for patterns in architectural details, on clothing, and in nature! Use words to describe the patterns you notice.


All children began work in book clubs (reading groups) this week. Children are working in groups with us or with Brooke. In book clubs, we focus on one or two skills children are ready to begin using and then practice them in a book at their instructional level - a little harder than what children can read alone. Other activities and conversations in book clubs might help children to make strong connections to the content of a book.

At home: Have children practice sight words with the the cards in their book baggies! When children recognize words "in a snap," it helps them to read with greater fluency and focus more energy on figuring out tricky words they encounter. Children should also be reading each night. Please make sure book baggies come back to school every day!

Quick Trip to Fort Greene Park

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We took a quick trip to the park on Friday. Kids noticed that our beech tree has no more leaves! They also noticed ice on the ground. We played Blob Tag which was very exciting and fun!
I Just Want to Sing Your Name (The Martin Luther King Song)
Stevie Wonder Happy Birthday