The Bully

Paul Langan

Main characters !


His mother

Jason (Uncle)

Malik (Bestfriend from Philadelphia)

Amberlynn (Girl he likes)

Tyray (Bully with others)


Darell is a small boy that is from and lives in Phailadelphia. His poor. His mother got a new job in California! They move and start a new life! New school, home, and friends. As well as a bully and a lovely beautiful crush that is way out of his lead!

Character and Pictures of Stop Bullying



Darell goes to school. Meets a real bad bully , that is always bullying him. Darell has no friends that could help him with the bull! So tyrayan decides to leave darell alone in one condesion which is paying him ever Friday ! Darell knows he can't be doing that because he doesn't have a lot of money that would just go to tryan! He falls in love with amberlynn! Which is also Tyryans crush. But amberlynn likes darell as well! He goes and talks to his favorite teacher which is his English teacher ! Reads a book which he looks foward to his situation

For help. Works hard to get built ! Decides to join the wrestling team. For a while his been going to pratice and matches! They have a dance and he goes to it because of amberlynns friend. She told him that amberlynn has a crush on him as well! He goes and confront her ! Dance with her until tryan shows up and beats him up! They go back to school and they end up fighting darell wins and no more bullying. He never gets suspend.

The Bully by: paul langan
The Bully