The Roar

By: Emma Clayton... Project Made By: Jacob Varner


Mika is a boy who lives in Future London behind a fifty foot wall. The wall is protected at the top by razor sharp, high voltage wires and a "battalion of borgs." The wall was built to keep them safe from the outside world because of the plague carried by animals. Mika is one of the few people who questioned the government which was based on lies. The government recruited mutant kids to play against each other in violent, virtual reality games. Mika decides to take a chance to find his sister and find out the truth about the government. He decides to play the game the government created to recruit them accomplish both the goals.

The Way I See Mika

I picture Mika as a smart, selfless, and curious. I think he is smart because he was always prepared for the worst. I think he is selfless as well because he put himself on the line for his sister Ellie. I also believe that Mika is curious because he suspected that the government was hiding the truth about what was going on in the outside world.

Three Things Mika Would Bring On Vacation

I think he would bring the game pod fighter because in the story Mika said "I had been looking forward to playing pod fighter all day."

I also think he would want to bring his favorite black sweater because he said "I could hear the rip of my favorite black sweatshirt." Then in the rest of the story Mika wore the sweatshirt even though it was ripped.

One more thing I think he would take with him is his sister because the book said "Ellie's disappearance had shaken Mika so badly that even years later he was gripped by the desolation felt the night it had happened"