LV Technology


Typing Web

  • Helps you type for the future
  • Gives you awards for typing well
  • Has famous lines and plays in the lessons

I Trailer

  • Helps you present thing and not have stage fright
  • Teaches you what its like making a trailer
  • helps you take photos and gives you a basic aspect

Career Locker

  • It teaches you about the jobs
  • It helps you find high schools and colleges
  • Has fun little mini games

Haiku Deck

  • A good presentation tool
  • Has lots of interesting and cool backgrounds
  • I did one about industrial engineers

Explain Everything

  • It is a great teaching device
  • It is easy to understand
  • It had lots of fun using it

Hour of Code

  • Helps you learn coding
  • Makes it easier to type
  • They have very fun games you can play

E-mail Ediquite

  • Helps you make better e-mails
  • Teaches you how email works
  • shows you how to do an email correctly