Patrick Henry Post

November 5th, 2021

Arts Integration in the Classroom

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Welcome, C.O.C.A.!

Ms. Godfrey, our Patrick Henry Art Teacher, works with Ms. Jami and Ms. Teska in first and second grade to integrate the arts directly into the general education classroom. It has been really exciting to watch our students utilize their passion for art while they're still learning reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. Pictured above, Ms. Jami's students read a poem about autumn leaves, went in-depth with sensory fall visualization and drawing throughout the reading, and chose a leaf stencil to create their own leaf.

This arts integration project is part of a year-long partnership Patrick Henry has with C.O.C.A. St. Louis (Center of Creative Arts). This pilot program with C.O.C.A. has allowed our students the opportunity to be expressive and creative in a purposeful, academically-driven way. We are so excited to see this program not only achieve success this school year, but also expand next year into all of our classrooms!

Art Contest Winner!

Congratulations to 5th grader, Tyme Henderson-Garner! All of our students participated in the district-wide art contest to create a poster related to school safety. Tyme's artwork earned her an Honorable Mention, and she was chosen from thousands of student entries! Tyme's artwork focused on social distancing protocols to protect herself and others from the Covid-19 pandemic. We are so incredibly proud of all of our students for participating in this contest, and we are happy that Tyme is representing our school so well! Tyme received flowers, balloons, a Patrick Henry tshirt, and a Target gift card. Well done, Tyme!

Art Kits

At our Halloween celebration, every student went home with an art kit for an at-home activity. It is designed for ages 3-12, so all of our students are able to construct their project. Take a look inside their candy bags to make sure they have one, and if not, we have extras at the school!

Celebrating Strong Attendance

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First Quarter and October Attendance

We celebrate high attendance every month, quarter, and semester. In October, we were able to recognize those students who had 95% or higher for the entire first quarter, and those students who had 90% or higher for the month of October. We are incredibly proud of our students for making it to school every day and committing themselves to learning! Students received their name on the attendance wall, a dive in the treasure bin, and for those who had 100% for the quarter, a Patrick Henry tshirt. Well done, students and families!

A.I.M. Zones

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Academics in Motion

Our students are lucky enough to have an A.I.M. Zone in every single classroom this year. That means that they are allowed to move while they learn! We have some incredible equipment that allows students to read while they pedal, practice their literacy centers while they are jumping, or even take a stretch break on a yoga mat. The goal of the A.I.M. zones is to get kids moving but also provide them with a purposeful set of movements that link back to their academics. We are so excited to see these centers in use!

New Unit in P.E.!

It's Soccer Season!

Our preschoolers started the month of November off just right with their first introduction to soccer! After flag football was such a success during the month of October, we are excited to see how our students react to this new sport. We are especially excited to study soccer while our very own St. Louis soccer team's stadium is being built just a few miles down the road from Patrick Henry!
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Reading Buddies

Thank you, Home Works!

Our community partner, HomeWorks!, is a non-profit organization that focuses on the school to home connection. We have worked with HomeWorks! for years in various capacities, and this year, our focus is our Reading Buddy program, where we pair our students up with an adult reader and they work 1:1 to find joy in books! We are so excited to see reading growth in every single student who participates in this program!

Congratulations, S.T.A.R. Winners!

Every week we celebrate all of our students who earn their S.T.A.R. tickets in their Related Arts classes. Students have the chance to earn a ticket every day, and then their tickets are entered into a raffle. This week, we chose not only individual students for their amazing work in Music, Art, and P.E., but we also chose those classes who have exhibited the S.T.A.R. expectations for the entire month of October. Congratulations to Ms. Versen's students, Ms. Ivory's students, and Ms. Brown's students!