Gabby Douglas

The beginning of her life.

Gabby Douglas was born on December 31,1995 in Virginia Beach,VA. Her parents are Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins. Gabby has three siblings, an older sister named Arielle, a younger sister named Joyelle and a younger brother named Johnathan. A couple times in her young life she was homeless for a short period of time. This would be an example of character vs. society.

Determination and Dedication

Even at a young age gabby was winning medals. At only the age of 8 gabby won the level 4 all around gymnastics title in the 2004 Virginia state championships.

Then a couple years later when she was only 14 she had to move away from her family to Iowa and live with strangers named Travis and Missy Patron. She did this because she went to go train with a couch named Liang chow and her family had to stay there.

All paying off

All the years of practice and hard work had finally paid off for gabby. In the 2012 summer Olympics she had won gold medals in individual and team competitions for gymnastics. "My message is to never quit, Never give up.When you have a little trouble here and there,Just keep fighting. In the end it will pay off."Gabby Douglas.
Gabby Douglas Uneven Bars - Olympics 2012

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