Local HS Student Suspended

Claire Sowards- Dallas, TX

Why was she suspended?

It is a sad day when one of our local hometown sweethearts such as Sally Jane becomes a high school rebel. She went from homecoming queen in October to trashy suspendee in March. Sally was suspended on Wednesday, March 30th when she showed up to school in a spaghetti strap shirt!!!! Her audacity went even further: when Principal Tiller asked Sally to put on a different top, she smugly said "why, i see no reason why my shoulders showing is inappropriate." If I were Mr. Tiller i would have no idea how to respond to such an ignorant and provocative action and statement. It was as if Sally were trying to say that she was allowed to have freedom of speech and dress- how preposterous of her!! Mr. Tiller kept his composure and stated the obvious- "open shoulders are a distraction to males in the classroom." All I have to say is that there must be something done wrong on the parents part, because no innocent girl such as Sally Jane would just decide one day to show up to her school in such a trashy, disrespectful, tasteless outfit such as a spaghetti strap top.

How did the community react?

We went around the community asking people close to Sally Jane about the incident. Sally's best friend, Mary Martin says "I have no idea what got into Sally, she has never acted or dressed so provocatively in her entire life!!" A male classmate of Sally's who wishes to go unnamed says "I was in class with her first period, and I could not even focus on my test because I kept getting distracted and staring at Sally's shoulder! I'm embarrassed to admit it but, hey, I'm a guy- girls need to dress to fit my needs, right?!" Yes, of course! I think we all understand the rules of life- girls wardrobe must be based on whatever the males need to stay focused. Sally's mother says that she's "deeply disappointed in her daughter's choices" and "wishes she had caught her before she went out the door to save her from ruining her reputation in such revealing clothes."