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Didn't get the results you wanted from your challenge? Check out these top 5 mistakes!

Mistake #1 – Not Mastering Directions

There is a certain way to do this plan and if you don't read or master the directions you may be setting yourself up for failure. To help you out...

Days 1-10 of your Challenge

Days 11-24 of your Challenge

What to do after the challenge

Mistake #2 – Eliminating Planned Snacks

The point of the snacks is to keep your metabolism revved, and to avoid being famished, which could cause you over endulge later. Plan for your morning and afternoon snacks! During the cleanse, we suggest hard boiled eggs, 100 calorie bags of raw almonds, celery and 2 tablespoons hummus, or bag of raw veggies. After the cleanse, your best bet is using the same and adding muscle gain (don’t use during the cleanse since it has dairy). You can add a snack at night if necessary and only if you are continuing to lose. Carry extra bags of the raw portion controlled almonds in your purse, gym bag, car, etc. That way, you are always prepared. Have hard boiled eggs in the fridge so they are readily available. If you rinse well in cold water (we add ice) and let sit in the cold water for a while before refrigerating, they are easier to peel.

Mistake #3 – Ignoring the Water Requirements

You need to drink lots of water in addition to spark. Divide your body weight in half. That is the number of ounces you should drink. It will help you stay on plan, help you eliminate toxins, and make your skin look better.

Mistake #4 Not Exercising or Getting Enough Rest

Get Some Exercise. It will speed up your weight loss and you will feel better. Cardio and strength training are advised. Try the Can you 24 DVD! You also need sleep to be your best. Sleeping less than 7 hours can negatively impact your loss. Aim for 7-8 hours every night. If you have trouble sleeping, use Sleepwalks.

Mistake #5 Not Planning

Planning is the key to a successful Challenge. This includes shopping for attractive veggies, fruit, and lean protein. Plan out your meals and snacks. Cut things up and cook in advance so you will be prepared. Have frozen fruit available in case you do not have enough fresh fruit options. Plan your entire challenge by using

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