6th Grade Technology

By: Sierra Voskuil

Typing Web

  • In 6th grade technology, You must finish the intermediate course before the first quarter ends.
  • Once you come into the classroom, you first have to do 5 minutes of typing on typing web.
  • If you get into the advanced course before the first quarter ends,or finish the intermediate course, you get a 4.
  • You are able to start the practice course once you've finished the advanced.


  • For the trailer we made, we created a trailer to a story or made up a story of our lives.
  • we had about a few weeks to finish the trailer.
  • We then submitted the trailer to schoology.
  • The day it was due, we had the choice to either, share with the class, or not.

Haiku Deck

  • For this project, we made slides to present what we want to do when we are older/our dream job.
  • We went into career locker and we looked up jobs and careers that we are interested in.
  • We had to have at least 10 slides in our presentation.
  • We had to pick a back up job in case if we aren't able to become what we do want to be or if we lose interest in that job.
  • Since we didn't have a ton of time to finish this project , we limited the number of bullet points in our slides.

Explain Everything

  • In explain everything, we chose a math problem that was listed.
  • We explained the math problem while figuring it out.
  • If we did do the problem written on the app, we had to use a stylist.
  • Once we were done with figuring it out, we did a voice over to explain it better.

Career Locker

  • For this project we went into career locker and chose a job that we liked or had an interest in.
  • We then did a paper on it.
  • We put the stuff we learned on the paper
  • We used this website to do another project, our Haiku Deck.


  • For coding we had to get to our 8 or 9 Stage.
  • In coding you learn to use the website to code.
  • Its a program that uses fun games to teach you to code.
  • In the games it also uses fun and popular characters from disney and kid movies.