Dr. Ben Carson

A Project By Bret Fulmer

Since You've Been Gone..

Prior to the third debate, Carson came in first in a CBS News/New York Times poll with 26% to Trump’s 22%. Both immediately before and immediately after the third debate, Carson began to match Trump for first place in several nationally-recognized polls. After the debate, he came in first in two consecutive NBC polls; in a joint poll between NBC and the Wall Street Journal, Carson had 29% to Trump’s 23%, and in another joint poll between NBC and SurveyMonkey, both men tied at 26% each. With these poll numbers, Carson closed the gap with Trump in most aggregate polls, and even became the first candidate since Trump’s rise to claim first place in both the Real Clear Politics and "270 to Win" aggregate polls, in early November. But the good times didn't last too long. After the Paris attacks his approval rating dropped tragically due to his inexperience with foreign affairs. A national Quinnipiac poll showed Carson's support dropping from 23 to 16%, while a CBS poll showed Carson's plummeting from 26 to 13%, and a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed an even more dramatic decrease, from 29 to 11%. Then three of Carson's top campaign advisers, campaign manager Barry Bennett, communications director Doug Watts and deputy campaign manager Lisa Coen, resigned from the campaign in late December 2015 to work for rival Ted Cruz. Unfortunately for Carson and his supporters; he doesn't look like he will be making much noise in Iowa or New Hampshire.