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From Your Leader~ Vanessa

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Mom's Day NEWS

Start promoting to your network today with our new sharing asset – then, get all our tips for making the most of our Mother's Day gift-with-purchase promotion in our special step-by-step marketing guide!

**Our "Mother's Day GWP" promotion runs from 12pm EST May 2nd until 1159pm EST May 5th. While supplies last, spend $100 or more and receive a free Jardins du Midi Travel Candle. One free GWP item, eligible for replacement only, will be awarded per order. Reward credit and other discounts do not count toward qualifying order volume. Orders may not be combined with Raffle Codes or any other promotional codes. Purchase of gift cards does not count towards qualifying order volume. Free GWP items do not contribute to qualifying order volume for Free Shipping at $100, or other cumulative-spend promotions.


Reminder....IF you have a Mother's Day collection in your boutique you MAY want to rename that or switch it out. I would hate for you to have people thinking they can order for Moms Day all week long!!!
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Summer 2016

Summer Is Coming!

Ready to jet set to the Amalfi Coast? Do we even need to ask? Our Italian adventure continues next week with the launch of our Amalfi Coast collection. Get a first look when our Summer lookbooks go live today – start shopping at 12pm EST!


#1 reason to BUY YOUR LOOKBOOKS NOW ASAP~~~~>>>>>>
*********SMART SHOPPING!!!! With every new launch you have dozens of new pieces available at your fingertips. Of course in a perfect world, we would want it ALL right??? I know I always do. But today I want to coach you on ‪#‎smartshopping‬ when it comes to personally investing in the line for your business.

*** Know your network (or feel yours out if you are new)~ What do they like, what is practical, what sells, what can get the biggest bang for your buck??? What is your niche with your biz?? How will YOU use the pieces to advance your biz??

***Is money an issue for you? Maybe you cannot invest as much as you'd like to on the new line?? Talk to me and let's work a plan first of all. Secondly, take a close look at your credits. What can you purchase with the credits you have available now? Maybe let's talk about setting an additional $100 aside for you to shop the launch next week. I can help YOU make a practical decision on what to buy for "X" amount of dollars you have to spend.

***Those who put into their business get something out of their business....that goes for any job, at any company, for EVERYONE!!!! If you only have a little to work with, let me help you behind the scenes to still have a successful POP UP anyways!!

***You are YOUR best piece of advertisement!!! I am a HUGE fan of telling you all that you must be a walking display at all times. Remember Shana Cawley's social media video about your profile pics???https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2vd30hFe0s
If you are NOT wearing c and i in your profile pic, how can you expect others to wear c and i???? BE YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!

PLEASE reach out to me so I can help YOU decide what to order once you get your catalogs and what to spend on this launch, my job is to help educate and motivate you all on ALL things Chloe + Isabel and I want YOU to be a ‪#‎smartshopper‬ next week. XO


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Pearls Of Wisdom

Pearls of Wisdom Time with Vanessa!

Let's talk about customer service! I am HUGE on this one. I have 2 very good examples of BAD customer service IMO. Of course in my head I am always thinking to myself "I would NEVER treat a potential or repeat customer that way" so it is easy to find fault in others but I feel we can learn from my 2 examples.

**Scenario One...Cabi!!! I know I have talked about Cabi clothes before and my NO FOLLOW UP rep that I have had for years. Well a few months ago I again texted her with a list of 2 items from the Spring line that I wanted to order. I'm talking about $270 for two items. Never heard back for a few days. When she did finally text me back she tells me that after 5 years she hung up her Cabi hangers and is not selling anymore. Ok thanks for letting me know. Luckily I had a local rep in my back pocket so I emailed her and ordered the 2 items. She dropped them off at my house on the porch when they came in. No personal thank you card...NADA just the bag on my porch. I was so confused, how do you take a random stranger order for almost $300 and NOT leave a thank you card, biz card or catalog?? WOW I am speechless!!!!!

Ok now one of my high school friends hosted a Cabi party up in Michigan and invited me virtually a few weeks ago. The friend has ordered from me before so I felt like I could order at least one item from her party and I did. That order came UPS because the event was in Michigan. Again NO email thanking me from this rep, NO card in the mail NADA!!!

How do these Cabi girls stay in business???? I am so confused. Please do not act this way with your customers. Lesson learned?? Ok good!!!

**Scenario Two..Country Club. OMG this blows my mind. So I have been wanting to join a beach club here in Jacksonville. They are very expensive to say the least. I have communicated with 2 different clubs, one much higher priced than the other but both still very expensive right? So we got the tours, sat down with membership managers and everything. Left with quotes, contracts to sign and prices AND NEVER HEARD BACK FROM EITHER AGAIN. I had several email communications with both clubs prior to us going in person and sitting down. Neither one called back or emailed after our visits. SAY WHAT??????? Who are these membership managers and how do they RECRUIT new families to join if they do not even follow up??? Weeks have gone by and still no word from both. At this point I am pretty disgusted with the professionalism or lack of, so I am extremely turned off by their service. Big NO NO. Obviously this doesn't completely relate to our business BUT the subject of customer service needs to be addressed in this case.

Sooooooooo what did we learn???? Please treat your potentials and customers with VIP service every single time. CALL people back if they message you and or need help. It seems like it would be a no brainer but......apparently not.