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I Have a Ball of information on Seafloor Spreading. Here is a link below to my power point with many more facts and evidence. Just right click on it and click on "Open Link In New Tab" Kay?
Here is an addition to the info I was talking about..But it is another's about Continental Drift though. You get to it the same way I said to up there about the seafloor spreading theory. ^^
Lastly, there should be a link to a plate tectonics one..but I have none. So you will have to make do with the typed information I am giving you.

Does Johnna Believe? Or Doesn't She? (Part 1)

Seafloor Spreading Theory- Yes, I certainly do believe this theory. It has some good evidence. For instance, the rocks closer to the ocean ridge are young, but the ones far away are old. Also there are magnetic rocks along the ocean floor that show magnetic reversals as it moves away from the middle.

Does Johnna Believe? Or Doesn't She? (Part 2)

Continental Drift Theory- No, I do not believe in this theory. For one, saying the continents look like they "could fit together like a puzzle", is not convincing enough to make me believe something is true. Now I know what your thinking. "But Johnna there is other stuff that was found that helps show continental drift was a true event." Well you know what? those aren't cold-hard facts either. One was that same fresh water animal fossils were found on different continents. I know it is not a good piece of evidence because the animals could have swam under the continents (there are freshwater streams down there). Also people found the same rocks found on different continents, but what you don't realize is, is that just because the rocks look the same, doesn't mean they are the same. Just saying.

Does Johnna Believe? Or Doesn't She? (Part 3)

Plate Tectonics Theory- Okay this one will be a little hard to explain. I don't believe that heat can move the continents, but I know plates can move. So I guess the answer to the question would be sorta kinda maybe? The reason I do not believe heat can move the continents is because I have not heard/seen any hard-to-the-core evidence. You know? Like, the asthenosphere IS super hot, but that doesn't mean the heat from there can move the plates. Okay so now I have the heat thing out of the way, I will talk about the movement of plates thing. Well of course the plates move, so I don't think that is a part of the theory, so...I am gonna change my answer from sorta kinda maybe, to no. No, I do not think the Plate Tectonics Theory is a valid theory. Can you blame me?