The Jungle Book

Come over and watch it!

Glenealy Year 5 students are performing the fabulous Disney classic The Jungle Book. This show is about Mowgli the orphan and his mysterious and fun journey. will have entertaining animal characters and the main character-Mowgli going on a exciting journey
to the man village.

The poster by Colin Chan

The Jungle Book

Thursday, May 30th, 6:30pm

7 Hornsey Rd


The jungle book special performance!!

The Jungle book is all about Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo. Travelling and meeting animals especially the silly ones ones, however the most fearsome one is Shere Khan the Tiger who hates man.

Mowgli and Baloo

Mowgli meets Baloo and start to be friends and they play together.

Mowgli meets Kaa

Kaa the snake tries to make mowgli go to sleep and then tries to eat him.

Mowgli and the vultures

The vultures are around Mowgli asking what is wrong.
Mowgli meets King Louie the Monkey and then gets kidnapped by him while Baloo got distracted.


Lauren as Mowgli,

Joaquin as Baloo,

Sadie as Bagheera,

Jolie as King Louie,

Amelia as Shere Khan

Venetia, Zoe, Sophia, Zenia and Isabel as Kaa the snake

Thomas as old monkey,

Jasmine as Shanti and the coconut tree.

Oliver as Colonol Hatchi, Elephant troops- Osborn, Sam, Felicity, Hannah

Marco, Hannah, as monkeys

Mimi and Nastassia as vultures.

Mr. Sommervile and Mrs. Urquart as Shanti's parents