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Monday, April 8, 2019

Happy National Lutheran Schools Week 2019

Its hard to believe that we are at that point in the year already, but we are!

Yesterday was really great. We had a strong turnout and the kids did great. Everyone just followed along and it was relatively stress free. I appreciate it very much and I know that Pastor does too. Thank you especially to Matthew, Marie and Kerri for preparing the kids.

Please take a class list and mark the kids who came and put it in my box. I will do what I need to do with it and give it to Matthew to give them extra credit in music.

Thank you to the committee for planning activities that are easy breezy on the staff but that the kids like. Please refer to your schedule and remind your kids as we know that not all of the parents take time to read the newsletter.

Tomorrow is beach day. No bathing suits and no flip flops (teachers and students). Please remind your students.

Let's make this a happy week for everyone!

Observations about report cards and grades

1.You should have sent home the report cards (if not on the list) with the acknowledgement form and that it came back signed. If not, you must follow up on it.

2. If you had kids on the list who are doing poorly, it is your responsibility to get in touch with parents to discuss this if they did not come. Their report cards should be clipped together and sent to Roslyn when you have put forth the effort to do this.

3. I feel like a broken record but I am once again reminding teachers of the following grading policies.

A. There must be a least 3 grades a week in all core classes and at least one grade a week in speciality classes. There is no excuse for not following this policy.

B. If a student has a grade below a C on a report card, there MUST be a comment explaining why regardless of the subject. It doesn't matter if you think that the student should know why they have the low grade. This is an official document that serves to DOCUMENT the whys and hows of the low grade. There is no excuse for not following this policy.

C. If your whole class or a majority of the class fails a test or an assignment, it is not valid. There is something wrong. Reteach and retest.

D. Grades must be in Renweb within 3 days with the exception of research papers/essays which take longer to grade. Those should hopefully be in within a week.

Please note - I am going to be uploading and emailing progress reports once a week or so until the end of the year. Keep your grades updated please.

Summer School and retention

It's that time again. I need updated information on kids who may need to go to summer school or who are not on track to be promoted. I will email you a google doc. Open it and save it to your documents and then type into it.Please do not type into it without opening it and saving it as your own document first. Put your grade and name on the top as the title. Middle school, please prepare on document and divide the kids by grade. Be on the lookout for this document, I will try to get it to you today. This is due by next Monday, April 15th.


Natalia has sent the sign up link. It is your job to open it and input your names. The deadline is Wednesday. Not Thursday or Friday or Monday. Wednesday, as in two days from today.





3rd Quarter Honor Roll and Principal's List

If we can get the certificates done, we will give them out after chapel this week. I will keep you posted. I attempted to send the list yesterday but it did not go through. I will send it again today. Please check it over and let me know if there are any issues.

Speech and OT Therapy evals and reports

If one of your students goes to therapy and a report is sent to us, we make a copy for our files and put a copy in your boxes to go home to parents. Marluys folds it and staples it and puts it in your box with the student's name showing. It is your responsibility to send it home to the parents in the communication folder. Please be sure to take care of this.


The deadline to complete your class page is this Friday, April 12th. Since we have been talking about it forever, I am sure that everyone is on task with this. Please let Maydelline know if you are having any problem and please email me when your page is completed.

Chapel this week

Because we did the chapel schedule BEFORE we picked the week to have Lutheran Schools Week, we do not have all-school chapel this week. It is regular chapel. Please remind your kdis about their offerings. We are doing a special offering for His House Children's Home.

What's coming up?

Lutheran Schools Week - see schedule that was distributed

Friday, April 12th - class yearbook pages due

Saturday, April 13th - Holy Cross Easter Egg hunt 1-3 - parents must register kids in advance, link was emailed and will be sent again.

Wednesday, April 17th- K5 and 8th Grade graduation photos - TEACHERS, PLEASE CHECK YOUR BOXES TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS RECEIVED.

Wednesday, April 17th - we will also take the band photo on this day. Faith, please tell the kids and parents to bring their instrument and bring or wear black bottoms and white shirt. They can change afterwards.

Thursday, April 18th - Early Release

Friday, April 19th - No School

Saturday, April 20th - There IS Saturday school for those that wish to bring their kids

Monday, April 22 - No School

Thursday, April 26th - Midterm grades will be sent home

Financial Peace University

A new session will begin on May 1st and will run through June 26th.

Please let Lisette Rogers know if you are interested in attending class. It is a great opportunity to build finances as well as a strong support group. There is a fee of $99 which is for the individual materials that you receive.

Sending kids to the office

We seem to have kids sent to the office for silly things and also kids who are sent to the office during busy times of the day. We have asked before for teachers to not send kids to the office first thing in the morning and during the last hour of the day. Please do not send them until it is truly necessary. There is a lot going on here.

You should have addressed office manners with your students before you send them to the office. It is easy to see which teachers have (they stop at the counter, identify what class they are from and state their business) and which teachers have not done so effectively (they walk in and sometimes walk right into my office)

Wasting of Paper

Once again, I have to address the paper waste. A couple of things specifically need to be addressed - print jobs being sent more than once due to impatience, and print jobs being sent and never picked up and piling up on the printer until they are finally thrown away. Both are no bueno.

Another issue.... if you are printing stuff from the internet, try to eliminate all of the ads and graphics that you don't need because sometimes 5 pages will print out when the information is really only on one or two pages.