Mercantilism vs. Capitalism

By Edgard & Shea

Mercantilism & Capitalism

Shea H: Capitalism is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners, rather than by the state.

Capitalism dates all the way back to the middle ages in western europe, the netherlands and england when they first created joint-stock companies driving up commerce and trade.

Capitalism also help increase the food production allowing people to trade different food from around the world like corn and potatoes. It also allowed the trade of animals and because of this it allowed people to live longer lives because they were getting more of the important vitamins that they needed.

Capitalism also changed the world because since most of the trade was coming out america is decreased the the power the britain had and the that america was expanding the trade by expanding their trade partners in the east west. This gave them a natural monetary advantage when compared to their neighboring countries that were not involved with america.

Edgard:Mercantilism the economic theory common in Europe from 16th to the 18th century that trades wealth. They were trying to build economies based on trades. Which meant to send out exports, and that should better than imports which means to send out more goods than to take in more goods. Then they are left with all this silver and gold. But that is only when they send out more imports more of the GOODS, then they are left with more wealth.

The British had an empire to run and the way they were planning on doing it was by trading. The British were limiting on how the colonies spent money. They have limits on what they can produce, whose ships they could use, and who they could trade to. The Navigation Act is a series of laws in which they could not use unknown ships to trade from the British and settlements. That lead to rebellions and corruption in the colonies.
Mercantilism: The Economics of Absolutism
Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33
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So what?

I have learned that Mercantilism is about trading and that they should give out more goods than to take in, so if they make a lot of money they had good wealth. Also you can start a business with this kind of information.

Now What?

We can use this information that we have learned to improve our world by using this information to learn where trade all started at and who was the most donate at first and who fell because a trade! We can also use this to learn from our mistakes by learning what not to do to keep the country from falling to trade like Britain did when america became dominant in trade Britain started to struggle.

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Pros and Cons

The columbian exchange was when The Columbian Exchange took place when there was trade between the "Old World" and "New World". It involves the trade of plants, technology,animals and diseases. This changed the ways of n the Europeans and the Natives of America for ever.

Pros and cons


  1. It caused the Europeans and Native americans to ally together and create trade between them.

  2. It help decrease death by starvation because of the new food and animals coming over from the old world there was more food available to eat.

  3. I alluded the 2 countries to trade ideas and inventions between each other.


  1. Diseases travels with the old world overseas(like smallpox, chickenpox, measles, cough and bubonic plague)

  2. Some counties during this time would get tension because some were getting more resources than the other

  3. The Europeans ran through the native american villages destroy them and started using them as slaves.

The Internet is a "network of networks", a global system that connects devices through the internet protocol suite . The internet allows people to, communicate, research and explore. The internet has no single inventor. The internet has revolutionized communication so much that now it's everywhere.


  1. You can communicate to anyone anywhere at any time with the internet.

  2. You can buy stuff and order stuff now(including food!)

  3. You now even get your education online by taking online classes and test without have to leave home

  4. The internet is filled with unlimited information about anything you need to know.


  1. the internet is filled with viruses that can damage/destroy your computer/devices software

  2. The internet is filled with fake websites made to steal your information like credit card number, social security numbers and other important information.

  3. Sometimes when you're reaching on the internet you’ll find false information that people made to trick you.

  4. The internet distracts the people from the real world like instead of talking people are constantly text or playing games.