Week 16 Announcements


Thanks for your patience last week!!

LA Live Event - Interview with a Journalist

Tuesday, April 26th, 2pm

This is an online event.

Are you on track to finish?

Four weeks left folks! Take a minute to reflect on where you stand in your course... Are you where you need to be to finish on time? If not, contact Ms. A for help getting on pace. Working in the summer to wrap up is NOT fun, so tame the procrastination dragon and get'er done!!

Not sure where you are? Refer to your pacing guide with the link below!!!

LA10 Students Only!!

Assignment 4.09 is a discussion assignment, but since I was out of the office last week, I have opted to hold off on that assignment in PowerSchool. Consider it due this Friday instead. :)

**Thank you to those students who got that assignment done on time or attempted to meet with me. Your diligence is noted!