Come to Mbabane!

Most relaxing place in Swaziland


Mbabane's exact location is 26degrees 19's 31degrees and 8degrees east. Or you could just travel Africa and travel to southern Africa.

About Mbabane

Mbabane is dry, grassy, great sceneries, and the most beautiful wildlife. The people in Mbabane speak Swati, their money is called Lilangeni and their population is about 76,000 and growing.


Mbabane's region is called the Hhohho region which mean their in the northwest part of Swaziland.


In Mbabane their air is polluted because of all the factories they have. They don't have the greatest bodies of water, also some areas of Mbabane are very healthy and some areas are very unhealthy. The schools in Mbabane are strict about wearing school uniforms.

Things Exported from Mbabane

Things exported from Mbabane are soft drinks, wood, pulp, cotton, and refrigerators, ect.


So after saying all those things I hope you wan't to come to the capitol of Swaziland, Mbabane.