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I am happy to give you a discount if you buy more than 2 items. As I had mentioned to you before, I will be participating in an event on Sunday. If at all possible, could you please let me know which pieces you might be interested in, by the end of the tomorrow Saturday, so I can reserve your items? I would greatly appreciate that!

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Kokedama Hanging Garden

Kokedama is an elegant form of Japanese plant art and a unique way to display an indoor garden by hanging them or by sitting (on a surface). The translation of Kokedama simply means “moss ball.”

Bee Hotels & Bird-houses with Green Roofs

A good way to encourage pollinating visitors to your garden is to provide nesting sites for them. Plant native plants near your bee hotel or birdhouse to attract even more attention.


  • Your bee hotel should be placed on a sunny warm morning wall, under an overhang if possible, and about 5-7’ above ground.
  • Your bird-house should be placed 5 to 30 feet above the ground and placed where it will be inaccessible to predators. Houses should be mounted with the entrance hole facing slightly downward and away from prevailing winds to keep rain from entering the house.

Small Garden World Terrariums

These living art treasures contain a series of air plants. Even though they are easy to take care of, I recommend you follow these tips.

Caring for your air plants:

  • Bright filtered light is the general rule, and the higher the humidity of the air the higher light will be tolerated.
  • Do not place your terrarium directly in front of a window where they get direct sun. Remember the glass will intensify the sunlight and the heat. Indirect light is best!
  • Thoroughly wet your Tillandsia once a week; more often in a hot, dry environment; less often in a cool, humid one.
  • NEVER USED DISTILLED WATER! Filtered water, tap water that has sat long enough for the chlorine to dissipate or bottled water are all fine.
  • One last thing about watering your air plant. It is much better to water in the morning than at night. Air plants absorb the Carbon Dioxide from the air at night instead of the day time. If the plant is wet, it does not breath therefore, unless it can dry quickly at night, plan on morning baths.

The Oktopous Garden

Hand-crafted gifts for you, your home or garden. We incorporate native plants and a touch of Mexican creative elements! We collaborate with artisans from the US, Mexico, and other parts in the world, to provide you with a unique collection of birdhouses, terrariums and kokedamas.