Jesse Owens

Taina Reyes

What Jesse Owens is best known for

Jesse Owens achieved four gold metals at the 1936 olympic games in Berlin. When he was in high school he won all of the major track events. He tied a world record by running the 100 yard dash in 9.4 seconds. He created a new high school record in the 220 yard dash in 20.7 seconds. A week before he set a new world record in the broad jump by jumping 24 feet in 11 3/4 inches. He was recruited by dozens of colleges because of his amazing talent. Not only did he have a great gift for the sport track and field but he also was a great role model. During a time of segregation he discredited Hitlers race theory. He also affirmed that individual excellence is what distinguishes one person from another. That is why Jesse Owens is more remembered than other track stars who earned more gold metals than he did.

How Jesse Owens' life impacted the world for good.

Jesse Owens beat all the odds and went against what Hitler had in mind by participating in the Olympics in 1936.