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Have a Seat Like This...

Please sit in order by BIRTH DAY (the year does not matter) starting with table on your far left. The person's birth day on or closest to AUG 24, will sit in the 1st seat.

The person in the last seat will raise their hand to signal the class is ready.

At your seat have:

Box of tissue

2 Composition notebooks - 6th grade

6 Folders with brads AND pockets - 8th

Vis -a- Vi Markers - 8th

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Welcome to Room 313! May our journey enrich our learning and be the evidence of our growth!

Mrs. Gordy or Mrs. G

Twitter @SciencewithMrsG

  • Hail from "The D" DETROIT
  • Married to Robert (Mr. Gordy to you)
  • 2 kids: Aidan & Nadia
  • Fav color: black
  • Music: gospel, jazz, r&b, hip hop, & latin
  • Good things : marriage, children, friends, & becoming an educator
  • Not so good things:
  • My One Word is DESTINY
  • 7th year in education (3 yrs at a charter high school. 4th yr at West)

Mrs. Massey

  • Born and raised a Hoosier (Indiana)
  • Met my husband (Mr. Massey) in Switzerland-married 26 years!
  • Two boys-Landon and Carson-both attended CMSWest
  • Favorite Color: Purple
  • Music: all kinds-but especially Christian
  • Good things: my family, my friends, my faith, my journey
  • Not so good things: I miss our dog of 14 years =(
  • My One Word is JOY
  • 10th year with CISD, 1st year as a Co-Teacher =D!

Whole Brain Learning

5 Easy Expectations

  1. Follow Directions Quickly
  2. RAISE your hand to SPEAK
  3. RAISE your hand to LEAVE your seat
  4. Make SMART choices
  5. Make your dear teacher HAPPY

General Housekeeping Norms

  • Check board outside door for things needed in class ***check SCHOOLOGY***
  • Exit through the LEFT door
  • NO food
  • Clean your area
  • Push in chairs
  • Only touch or use lab equipment or station with teacher permission.

Getting to Know You or Personality Cards

Getting to Know You

Personality Cards